Yazoo Scanner


List of 10 Codes

10-1   Unable To Copy               
10-41  Telephone Patch Sub-Station
10-2   Signals Good                        To Sub-Station
10-3   Affirmative-Granted          10-42  Clear 10-41
10-4   Message Received             10-44  Message Received By All
10-5   Relay                        10-45  All Units Acknowledge Messag
       J1--Personnel                10-50  Accident
       J2--Property                        J1--Property Damage
10-6   Busy, Stand By                      J2--Injuries
10-8   In Service                          J3--Hit & Run--With Injuries
10-9   Repeat                       10-51  Wrecker Needed, Send Owners
10-10  On Minor Detail, Call               Request
10-11  Remain In Service            10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-12  Visitors/Officials Present   10-53  Wrecker/Ambulance On The Way
10-13  Weather & Road Conditions    10-55  Reported, Driving While
10-14  Correct Time                        Intoxicated (DWI)
10-15  Have In Possession           10-59  Convoy Or Escort
       J1--Personnel                10-60  What Is Next Item Number?
       J2--Property                 10-62  Teletype Traffic
       J3--Prisoner                 10-63  Any Answer Our Number?
       J4--Papers                   10-65  Net Message Or Item Assig.
10-16  Pick Up (J1, J2, etc.)       10-66  Cancellation
10-17  Urgent, Rush Present Detail  10-68  Dispatch Information
10-18  Anything For Us?             10-69  Stations ____ Carry This
10-19  Nothing For You--No Traffic         Message
10-20  Location                     10-82  Reserve Hotel Room
       J1--Direction Of Travel      10-87  Pay Checks Out
10-21  Call by Phone                10-88  Advise Phone Number To Call
       J1--Immediately                     Officer
10-22  Report In Person To          10-89  Advise Technician (needed Or
10-23  Arrived At Scene                    will arrive)
10-24  Finished W/Last Assignment   10-90  Radar Has Been Calibrated
10-25  Disregard Last Information   10-91  Too Weak, Talk Closer
10-26  Holding Subject, Rush Reply  10-92  Too Loud, Talk Farther
10-27  Operator Or Officer On Duty  10-93  Frequency Check
10-28  Full Registration Info.      10-94  Give Test
10-29  Check Records For Wanted            J1--With Voice
       Emergency Or Unusual                J2--Without Voice
10-30  Doesn't Conform To Rules &
       Regulations/Unable To Handle
10-33  Emerg. Traffic This Station
10-34  Trouble At Station/Help
10-35  Major Crime Alert
10-36  Confidential Information
10-40  Request Permission To Come On
       Line And Talk To Unit

CODE 1   All Traffic Will Cease On The Designated Channel (in the case
         of emergency traffic--the statewide channel)
CODE 2   All Units Assigned To Station Using This Code Will Switch To
         The Statewide Channel And Await Further Instructions.  All Car
         To Car And Use Of The Statewide Channel Will Cease
CODE 3   Emergency Traffic Pertaining To Involvement Of Law Enforcement
         Officers (shootings, etc.)
CODE 4   Bank Robbery Or Armed Robbery (manhunt and roadblocks in
CODE 5   Escaped Criminal (manhunt and road blocks in progress)
CODE 6   Natural Disaster
CODE 7   Murder, Rape, Kidnap And Any Major Criminal Act (manhunt and
         roadblocks in progress)
CODE 8   Investigate And Proceed With Caution
CODE 9   Bomb Threat
CODE 10  Travel To Destination (pack suitcase for 3 days minimum and
         report to designated location as soon as possible)
CODE 11  Airplane Crash
CODE 12  Structure Fire
CODE 13  Hijacking
CODE 14  Request Permission To Talk Car To Car
CODE 15  Hazardous Spills--Rail, Highway And River
CODE 16  Trooper Getting Out Of The Patrol Cruiser To Check A Vehicle
         Involved In A Traffic Violation


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