Home Alarm Systems

alarm-sysWe don’t recommend a monitored home security system. Why?  You don’t have to be pay someone to monitoring your own system while you’re asleep or away from home. We know there are those of you out there who would prefer to take matters into your own hands, and use the extra $50-90/month and up. The cost would have gone towards monitoring costs and invest it into car and house payments, food and drink, restaurant visits, a new TV, vacations, you name it! So without further ado, we offer  unmonitored home security systems (ie. no monthly payments or contracts required). You can be the DIY person or have us install it for you. Greatest point is there is no monthly fees.

We all know popular monitoring companies love to call you first to see if you set off the alarm before contacting the authorities. Our self monitoring system will contact you and the authorities as soon as the system is triggered. The responds times for law enforcement is reduced twice the speed of these companies.

If you live in a location or have a vacation spot without a home phone service we offer a resolution for this with a remote dialer. Large monitoring companies charge outrageous amounts for this added fetcher. Call us today for a site survey and get your home protected. 

Purchase an Alarm System and we will give you the (Insurance Certificate) now and SAVE UP TO 20% on your homeowners insurance! This Alarm Certificate is the document that is required by almost all insurance company to receive an “Alarm System Coverage” discount.

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